Democracy is in shambles:

  • Corruption
  • Waste
  • Increasing income inequality
  • Gross injustices
  • Gridlock
  • Pervasive invasion of privacy

In all corners, the forces of corruption have undermined the good intentions of democratic ideals.  The US federal government should be the golden pure light of democratic ideal, but it is thoroughly corrupted and hopelessly broken.  Instead of being government of the people, by the people, for the people; the US federal government is of the lawyers, by the lobbyists, for the wealthy.  All other democratic governments are similarly floundering.

Democracy has not failed us.  We have failed democracy with too many compromises and too much corruption.  We are not proposing a new thing, but an old thing.  We propose to re-do the old democracy without the compromise and corruption.  Certainly we have new tools to use.  But the heart of the idea should be familiar to every democratic dreamer in history, from Athens to Rome to France to Philadelphia.  We will strive for the same goal while learning from the mistakes of the past.
Reform Government is a start-over-from-scratch deep purge house cleaning plan to fix the process of democratic government: end corruption, limit waste, & restore impartial justice.

The US federal government is the standard-bearer for democracy, and so this reform proposal is focused there.  However, the reforms detailed here could be applied to any democratic institution.

The Reform Government Organization (RGO) is working to detail all of the reforms necessary to achieve the goal of an incorruptible democratic government that adapts to improve outcomes.

This proposal aims for a clear-eyed rational approach to managing the business of government.  Power corrupts and people make mistakes; so reasonable limitations and protections should be put in place.  The rules of the game must be clear and immutable.  The rule makers must not be able to change the rules that govern them.  Power must be thoroughly separated.

We are just beginning the process of defining the reforms.  Add your voice and help us redesign the process of democracy.

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